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Series 1 - Episode 2 Conflict



So much extraordinary filming. Such great footage of beautiful animals – lions, cheetahs, elephants, baboons and ostriches. Sweeping shots of the African landscape in golden sunlight. It’s a shame someone decided all this had to be painted over with a weird, sickly gloss of dramatised storytelling.

Maybe the idea could have worked but the script is such a dud that narrator John Boyega is stuck with preachy platitudes (“Accepting failure is the hardest part of leadership… Patience brings its reward… A family is something worth fighting for”) when we’d be happy just lapping up shots of cheetah cubs gambolling in the evening sun. I mean, fluffy cheetah cubs is all anyone needs.


The females take centre stage as competition hots up between the families. Lioness Kali and her sister are enjoying being together with their cubs. Hunting is much easier together and life is good. But their happiness is short-lived when male lion Sefu begins to stalk them. Cheetah and new mum Kike moves to the area and must quickly learn to protect her cubs from predators, while Bakari the baboon struggles to raise the baby he rescued when its mother was killed and desperately tries to find a female to help him.

Cast & Crew

Narrator John Boyega
Director John Downer
Producer John Downer
Producer Simon Fuller
Drama Documentary Nature