Ackley Bridge

Series 3 - Episode 6



“Maybe we shouldn’t be doing this,” whispers one character, halfway through an episode in which virtually every Ackley Bridge pupil, teacher and parent ought to be saying that to themselves.

Rash decisions are everywhere in two stories that are familiar to viewers of soapy school dramas, but are done well nonetheless: while Rukhsana (Phoebe Tuffs-Berry) pings around the extremes of emotion in a family lacking parental guidance, teacher Sian (Ty Glaser) has to wake up to what dallying with a pupil might entail. Yet while last week you might have been shouting “No, Sian! What are you doing?” at the screen, tonight you’re more likely to whisper it sadly, perhaps even wistfully.


Rukhsana gets revenge on her controlling brother, but it does her little good when he walks out on her, leaving her to face a visit from the debt collectors alone. The family crisis presents Kaneez with her first real challenge as student support officer, and she strives to reunite the siblings. Candice attacks Dan, which leads Sian to exclude her - but Mandy steps in to reveal that he had played a cruel sexual prank on her, and that Cory was also involved. Nas wants to patch things up with Sam.

Cast & Crew

Rukhsana Ibrahim Phoebe Tuffs-Berry
Kacey `Spud' Gartside Zara Salim
Sam Murgatroyd Megan Parkinson
Alya Nawaz Maariah Hussain
Chloe Voyle Fern Deacon
Razia Paracha Nazmeen Kauser
Hayley Booth Cody Ryan
Sue Carp Charlie Hardwick
Pawel Nowicki Szymon Kantor
Younis Iqbal Abdul Ahad Butt
Saleem Paracha Yaseen Khan
Lorraine Bird Lorraine Cheshire
Sian Oakes Ty Glaser
Cory Wilson Sam Retford
Naveed Haider Gurjeet Singh
Candice Murgatroyd Emily Pyzer
Riz Nawaz Nohail Mohammed
Martin Evershed Robert James-Collier
Kaneez Paracha Sunetra Sarker
Mandy Carter Jo Joyner
Nasreen Paracha Amy-Leigh Hickman
Hassan Hussein Hareet Deol
Rashid Hyatt Tony Jayawardena
Sadiq Nawaz Adil Ray
Shannon Burns Chloe Lumb
Amina Mir Amina Arslan
Tahira Abad India Parsan
Clint Northwood James Senneck
Waqar Abdelramen Arbaz Rashid
Mo Akhtar Abdullah Shahid
Tasnim Ibrahim Buckso Dhillon-Woolley
Hanifa Ibrahim Jumana Patel
Safiyah Ibrahim Anisha Azam
Yusef Ibrahim Arian Nik
Zain Younis Zain Khan
Amin Abad Hassan Mahmood
Neil Sykes Nathan Green
Dan Fairfax Harry Lodge
Adeel Ibrahim Wass Javed
Tim Collins James Atherton
Jake Earnshaw Matthew Priestley
Debbie Gartside Vicky Myers
Mrs Wright Hayley Mason
Grandpa Murgatroyd Steve Money
Reece Murgatroyd Freddie Bolt
Adam Smith Sebastian Shaw
Kyan Murgatroyd Jake Hayward
Linda Loan Shark Kelli Hollis
Dirty Donna Charlotte Sowerby
Nana Paracha Raziea Yousaf
Director Rachna Suri
Producer Jo Johnson
Writer Natalie Mitchell
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