Moon Landing Live

Moon Landing Live




On the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s giant leap this rich, atmospheric film immerses us in the coverage viewers saw that day. There’s plenty of great period detail, like a US presenter announcing, “ABC News presents the flight of Apollo 11, brought to you by Tang – the energy breakfast drink of Earth...”

We see German women stopped in the street by a reporter asking which astronaut they’d prefer to dance with; we see the Pope reflecting on the landing (“What is mankind? Who are we?”); and some rumblings from Harold Wilson in Downing Street. Plus of course we hear once again all those laconic exchanges between astronauts and Nasa Mission Control as key moments in the mission unfold.


The final stages of the Apollo 11 mission, following in real time the recordings of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin negotiating the final descent to the lunar surface, while Michael Collins remains in lunar orbit, uncertain if they will be successful or if he will be left to return to Earth alone. The programme features footage from the two astronauts' cameras, including the positioning of the American flag, as well as their call to President Nixon. It also follows the perilous return journey to Earth.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer David Glover