Apollo 8: The Mission That Changed the World

Apollo 8: The Mission That Changed the World
Sat 3 Oct 6pm - 7pm Discovery Channel
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Sat 3 Oct, 6pm - 7pm NOW TV Discovery


Discovery’s anniversary celebration of Neil Armstrong’s small step concludes, with two featured documentaries. The obvious flagship is Apollo: the Forgotten Films (8pm), which draws on a cornucopia of vibrant unseen footage to fill in every detail of how Apollo 11 completed its mission.

The more cogent and compelling film, however – whether you’re a Nasa nut or just have a passing interest – is Apollo 8: the Mission That Changed the World. Based around an extensive interview with spiky, witty astronaut Bill Anders, it explains how the 1968 effort to fly men around the Moon for the first time pre-empted a lot of what we cherish about the later mission to land on it – particularly the profound message the quest sent to a gigantic TV audience back on Earth.


When the first manned mission to the Moon took off, Earth was in chaos. Astronaut Bill Anders recounts the story and subsequent environmental campaigns.