Series 1 - Episode 3



There’s a shocking end to the episode as things get bleaker in this excellent adaptation of Joseph Heller’s novel. Captain John Yossarian is almost deranged by fear and fury as the dangerously barmy Colonel Cathcart increases flying missions while being repulsively cavalier about the possibility that many of his men won’t return.

So Yossarian (Christopher Abbott) makes a direct intervention which, though it seems fairly insignificant, has enormous, drastic and tragic results for the little group of men on the US Air Force base in Pianosa who spend their downtime frolicking in the clear blue sea.

Although this is bloody and spectacularly gruesome in parts, there are some blackly comic moments, particularly when the louche Major de Coverley (Hugh Laurie) arrives in Bologna for an ill-advised attempt to requisition a city-centre building. It’s emblazoned with a huge swastika…


Second World War bombardier Yossarian has made no bones about the fact that the last place he wants to be is up in the air fighting the enemy. But thanks to Catch-22 - that tricky rule that dictates only a sane man would recognise how crazy it is to keep flying, but only an insane man would carry on doing it - he finds himself stuck in a vicious circle. So when another bombing mission is announced, he puts all his energy into avoiding it - only for disaster to catch up with him when he least expects it. Christopher Abbott stars in this adaptation of Joseph Heller's classic novel, with Hugh Laurie and Daniel David Stewart.

Cast & Crew

Yossarian Christopher Abbott
Colonel Cathcart Kyle Chandler
Milo Daniel David Stewart
Aarfy Rafi Gavron
Orr Graham Patrick Martin
Major Major Lewis Pullman
Nately Austin Stowell
McWatt Jon Rudnitsky
Kid Sampson Gerran Howell
Major de Coverley Hugh Laurie
Marcello Giancarlo Giannini
Doc Daneeka Grant Heslov
Lt Colonel Korn Kevin J O'Connor
Clarina Valentina Belle
Chaplain Tappman Jay Paulson
Lorenzo Domenico Cuomo
Leonardo Giovanni Stocchino
Ines Viola Pizzetti
Sgt Towser Martin Delaney
Director Ellen Kuras
Dramatised By Luke Davies
Dramatised By David Michod
Writer Joseph Heller
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