Celebrity Crystal Maze

Celebrity Crystal Maze

Series 6



This year’s new format point – the potential “mega-sizing” of one of the crystals won throughout the game – has already added a welcome frisson of risk to The Crystal Maze, with the teams forced to bet their one shot at increasing their haul on a game that they’ve not seen or attempted, with no second chances.

This week, captain Nancy Sorrell and her team (including real-life partner Vic Reeves, comedian Susan Calman, cricketer Graeme Swann and reality star Ferne McCann) are loath to roll the dice initially, before later impulsively mega-sizing on a deceptively tricky task.

But will the new format point last beyond the series? Well, “it’s really for the history books to decide,” quips host Richard Ayoade.


Richard Ayoade guides a squad of well-known faces around the four zones of the Maze, tackling a range of skill, mystery, physical and mental challenges in a bid to secure elusive crystals as rewards for success. Actor and model Nancy Sorrell assumes the role of captain, alongside comedian Vic Reeves, reality TV star Ferne McCann, former international cricketer Graeme Swann and comedian Susan Calman as her team-mates. As usual self-congratulatory highs, lock-in lows and some semblances of redemption lie in store for all concerned.

Cast & Crew

Host Richard Ayoade
Contestant Vic Reeves
Contestant Ferne McCann
Contestant Graeme Swann
Contestant Susan Calman
Contestant Nancy Sorrell
Executive Producer Neale Simpson
Series Producer Chris Lore
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