The Wonderful World of Chocolate

The Wonderful World of Chocolate

Series 1 - Episode 2



Yet more Inside the Factory-style footage, this time of the various machines and miles of conveyor belts in Switzerland that produce the massively popular Lindt chocolates. However then we’re introduced to a few modern-day Willie Wonkas, which I find much more interesting.

Food artist Prudence Staite has already sculpted a pub made out of chocolate, among other slightly bonkers things, but is now attempting to make a chocolate LP that actually plays music. We also meet Veruca Salt (Julie Dawn Cole) from the original Willie Wonka film, who reveals that her acting debut was a bittersweet experience – unfortunately, she didn’t actually like chocolate.


The choc-doc goes behind the scenes of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with actress Julie Dawn Cole (Veruca Salt) and also reveals writer Roald Dahl's inspiration for the book on which the movie was based. Plus, the story of the Mars bar, including how it got its name, and a glimpse inside the Lindt factory to find how Lindor balls are made and how an accidental discovery more than a century ago by Rodolphe Lindt himself changed the way chocolate tasted for ever.

Cast & Crew

Director Mike Arnott
Director Al Edirisinghe
Director Gareth Prescott
Executive Producer Oliver Wright
Producer Mike Arnott
Producer Al Edirisinghe
Producer Gareth Prescott
Series Producer Luke McLaughlin
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