Inside the Ritz Hotel

Inside the Ritz Hotel

Series 1 - Episode 2



The Ritz’s executive chef John Williams is launching a cookbook with a slap-up dinner for journalists and fellow chefs. All goes well with the turbot starter, and the venison wellington is just about to be served when the phone rings: it’s an emergency – there’s a vegetarian in the house!

You might wonder who on earth would leave such a vital piece of information until the very last minute, but it’s not John Williams’s job to reason why, though he has a certain look on his face as something with celeriac is rustled up for the diner.

Elsewhere, Rod Stewart’s wife Penny Lancaster arrives for a birthday meal with some friends.


Executive chef John Williams prepares to launch the first-ever cookbook that reveals The Ritz's most famous recipes. Penny Lancaster pops in for cocktails, and head concierge Michael De Cozar is celebrated for his 46 years of service.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Simon Knight
Series Director Emily Kennedy
Series Editor Emily Kennedy