Beecham House

Series 1 - Episode 4



Buckle up, it’s flashback time! Hunky John Beecham (Tom Bateman) gathers his ladies for tea, tells them a sad story and makes them cry. After which, of course, they love him even more, what with him being not just manly but damaged, too.

As Gurinder Chadha’s epic saga grinds on, we find out who John was defending when he was injured in the first episode and learn more about the mother of cute baby August. August’s auntie, meanwhile, slinks into John’s bedroom as the words “You cannot deny our connection, John” drop from her mouth like bad teeth.

And another lady of the house is disappointed in love when she’s seduced by a cad: “You have ruined me!” she cries.


Violet witnesses Chandrika going into John's room at night, and tells his mother what she saw. Margaret is devastated when she finds out and resolves to leave Delhi. John realises his only hope of persuading her to stay is to reveal the truth about his past and the baby's identity - even if it puts the child's safety in jeopardy.

Cast & Crew

John Beecham Tom Bateman
Henrietta Beecham Lesley Nicol
Daniel Beecham Leo Suter
Margaret Osborne Dakota Blue Richards
Gen Castillon Gregory Fitoussi
Chandrika Pallavi Sharda
Violet Bessie Carter
Baadal Viveik Kalra
Mool Chand Kulvinder Ghir
Bindu Goldy Notay
Chanchal Shriya Pilgaonkar
Ram Lal Amer Chadha-Patel
Maya Trupti Khamkar
Emperor Shah Alam Roshan Seth
Samuel Parker Marc Warren
Prince Akbar Rudraksh Singh
Vijay Singh Arunoday Singh
Pundit Amit Pancholi
Kamlavati Vaishali Malhara
Gopal Vicky Arora
Empress Tisca Chopra
Maharaja of Kalyan Denzil Smith
Devji spy Manish Vashisht
Director Gurinder Chadha
Executive Producer Gurinder Chadha
Executive Producer Paul Mayeda Berges
Executive Producer Deepak Nayar
Executive Producer Victor Levin
Producer Gurinder Chadha
Series Producer Caroline Levy
Writer Victor Levin
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