Extreme Tribe: The Last Pygmies

Extreme Tribe: The Last Pygmies

Series 1 - Episode 1



Film-maker Livia Simoka (producer/director of Bruce Parry’s The Tribe) is living with Mbendjele Pygmies in a remote part of the Congo rainforest where, as part of her warm welcome, she’s given barbecued caterpillars and monkey organs stew. She gamely tucks in.

In fact, she throws herself into everything, whether it’s knocking back palm wine or trying to negotiate her way round a family dispute. Be warned, though: there are some graphic and distressing moments. She, too, finds it hard to watch a teeth-sharpening ceremony (the women think it makes them more beautiful) and she understandably struggles to control her emotions during a hunting expedition.


New series. Livia Simoka travels to the remote jungles of the Republic of the Congo to live with pygmy tribe the Mbendjele, who are almost entirely cut off from the outside world. In the first edition, Livia finds herself in the middle of two disputing families and finds out about the danger posed by a hostile neighbouring tribe.

Cast & Crew

Director Tom Cross
Director Roeland Doust
Executive Producer Harry Lansdown
Producer Tom Cross
Producer Roeland Doust