Series 1



Historical epic chronicling pharaoh Tutankhamun's efforts to rule over his chaotic empire. With Egypt controlled by his advisor Ay, army leader General Horemheb and double-dealing high priest Amun, the 19-year-old king is eager to get to know the people whom he will soon be ruling. He sneaks out to Thebes, where he comes to the rescue of beautiful village girl Suhad, and is recruited into a band planning to fight the troublesome Mitanni. Starring Avan Jogia, Ben Kingsley and Kylie Bunbury.

Cast & Crew

King Tutankhamun Avan Jogia
Grand Vizier Ay Ben Kingsley
Ankhe Sibylla Deen
Amun Alexander Siddig
Suhad Kylie Bunbury
General Horemheb Nonso Anozie
Ka Peter Gadiot
Lagus Iddo Goldberg
Nakht Alistair Toovey
Akenaten Silas Carson
King Tushratta Steve Toussaint
Sete Leon Lopez
Young Tut Kaiser Akhtar
Director David Von Ancken
Executive Producer Michael Vickerman
Executive Producer David Von Ancken
Executive Producer Michael Prupas
Executive Producer Angela Mancuso
Executive Producer Joel S Rice
Executive Producer Greg Gugliotta
Executive Producer Sharon Levy
Executive Producer Jeremy Elice
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