Series 2 - Episode 6



I bet Anthony LaPaglia’s character wishes he really had died in that explosion. When news of his remarkable resurrection leaks out to a couple of astonished members of his family, their reactions are pretty extreme. In fact it highlights such an unsavoury situation for one of them that, once again, it prompts a desperate solution.

Meanwhile Georgina calmly admits to her uncle that she killed Adam, expecting him to understand and even sympathise. Instead he confronts Irina: “I can’t work out which one of you sold their soul and which one of you is the devil,” he says. Does it matter? Both women are without a shred of decency or morality.


Georgina confesses to a horrified Jeff, and an explosive secret of Cassandra's finally gets out. Meanwhile, Georgina comes face to face with a figure from her past.

Cast & Crew

Georgina Clios Julia Stiles
Constantine Clios Anthony LaPaglia
Irina Lena Olin
Adam Clios Iwan Rheon
Christos Clios Dimitri Leonidas
Robert Carver Adrian Lester
Adriana Clios Roxane Duran
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