Series 1 - Episode 1



Captain John Yossarian (Christopher Abbott) has had enough of flying missions during the Second World War, he can’t take any more of the danger and the madness. After frequent thwarted attempts to claim illness, he decides there is only one way out, to fake insanity. But there’s a catch. Catch-22 to be exact. “That’s some catch, that Catch-22,” he marvels at the medic who’s explains its complexities.

It’s probably the best known line in Joseph Heller’s magnificent satire that features an array of eye-popping characters, including the brutal, parade-obsessed Lieutenant Scheisskopf, played with gimlet-eyed fury by George Clooney (one of Catch-22’s executive producers).

Heller’s novel has been filmed, not successfully, in the past, but this version is sharp and smart (the combat sequences are vivid and terrifying) and Abbott is an excellent Yossarian – a clever, frightened man baffled and angered by the pointlessness of what he is asked to do.


New series. Comedy drama based on Joseph Heller's seminal anti-war novel, telling the story of US Air Force bombardier Yossarian, who soon realises the real enemy are the military bureaucrats who keep increasing the number of missions he must fly. Christopher Abbott stars, with Kyle Chandler, Hugh Laurie, Tessa Ferrer and George Clooney, who also acts as executive producer and director on a couple of episodes.

Cast & Crew

Yossarian Christopher Abbott
Scheisskopf George Clooney
Colonel Cathcart Kyle Chandler
Major de Coverley Hugh Laurie
Nurse Duckett Tessa Ferrer
Milo Daniel David Stewart
Aarfy Rafi Gavron
Orr Graham Patrick Martin
Major Major Lewis Pullman
Nately Austin Stowell
Clevinger Pico Alexander
McWatt Jon Rudnitsky
Kid Sampson Gerran Howell
Doc Daneeka Grant Heslov
Lt Colonel Korn Kevin J O'Connor
Marion Scheisskopf Julie Ann Emery
Chaplain Tappman Jay Paulson
Dunbar Josh Bolt
Peele Ian Toner
Mudd Freddie Watkins
Crosby Giacomo Rocchini
Director Grant Heslov
Dramatised By Luke Davies
Dramatised By David Michod
Writer Joseph Heller
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