Philip Green & the Trouble with Topshop

Philip Green & the Trouble with Topshop


Channel 5 once again shows its knack for turning round timely docs on hot stories. At the time of writing, the future of Philip Green’s retail empire hangs by a slender viscose thread, so this might need extra editing close to broadcast.

It charts the story of Topshop from its launch in a London basement to its glory days under Green in the noughties, helped along by celebrity collections from the likes of Kate Moss and Beyoncé.

The trouble is, whenever bullying “Big Phil” is on screen, you wish it were more a profile of him and his laughably brash ways – growling at an MP who looked at him the wrong way or manhandling a camera crew in the Med. And in the version I saw, recent assault charges against Green in the US didn’t get a look-in.


Documentary about the shifting fortunes of the chain of fashion stores, which at the height of its success, drew the support of international stars and collaborated with top designers and Kate Moss. However, in more recent years, the brand has struggled to compete with online outlets, while chairman Philip Green has been the focus of a series of controversies. Journalist Fiona Phillips examines what changed, and tests the appeal of products against other retailers.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Fiona Phillips
Director Gillian Bancroft
Executive Producer Mike Lewis
Producer Gillian Bancroft
Series Producer Gillian Bancroft