Ackley Bridge

Series 3 - Episode 1



It’s all change at Ackley Bridge since Valley Trust’s take-over. There’s a whole new (and useless as it turns out) staff for Jo Joyner’s head to whip into shape. Her director of behaviour (Emmerdale’s Charlie Hardwick) is clearly waiting for retirement but hopefully her unorthodox new deputy (Downton’s Robert James-Collier) may be A Good Thing.

However, the big story is that Nasreen has an interview for Oxford University. It’s a daunting prospect, even though Missy seems totally supportive of her planned escape (expressed in an odd musical sequence where she bursts into “The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow”). However, the more everyone enthuses about Nasreen’s future, the harder it is for Missy. Can this be the end of the road for their friendship? Wait until the very last scene to find out.


Nas secures an interview for a place at Oxford University, while Mandy is overwhelmed when her new boss dumps a load of unmanageable kids from his other schools on her. New hot-headed Deputy Head Martin locks horns with Sam Murgatroyd's mum - fresh from prison - and bad girl Rukhsana runs rings around Sue, the disenchanted and distinctly un-PC new Director of Behaviour.

Cast & Crew

Missy Booth Poppy Lee Friar
Nasreen Paracha Amy-Leigh Hickman
Kaneez Paracha Sunetra Sarker
Razia Paracha Nazmeen Kauser
Saleem Paracha Yaseen Khan
Hayley Booth Cody Ryan
Riz Nawaz Nohail Mohammed
Alya Nawaz Maariah Hussain
Naveed Haider Gurjeet Singh
Cory Wilson Sam Retford
Martin Evershed Robert James-Collier
Sam Murgatroyd Megan Parkinson
Mandy Carter Jo Joyner
Lorraine Bird Lorraine Cheshire
Sue Carp Charlie Hardwick
Pawel Nowicki Szymon Kantor
Rukhsana Ibrahim Phoebe Tuffs-Berry
Chloe Voyle Fern Deacon
Candice Murgatroyd Emily Pyzer
Simone Booth Samantha Power
Younis Iqbal Abdul Ahad Butt
Rashid Hyatt Tony Jayawardena
Kacey `Spud' Gartside Zara Salim
Hassan Hussein Hareet Deol
Pete Day Declan O'Connor
Nana Paracha Raziea Yousaf
Zain Younis Zain Khan
Mo Akhtar Abdullah Shahid
Aneesa Sahota Safiyah Mardiyah
Waqar Abdelramen Arbaz Rashid
Ken Weaver George Potts
Clint Northwood James Senneck
Tahira Abad India Parsan
Amina Mir Amina Arslan
Thomas Padgett James Schofield
Lucy Pellow Emily Coates
Maris Cooper Sophie Young
Dan Fairfax Harry Lodge
Amin Abad Hassan Mahmood
Neil Sykes Nathan Green
Jake Earnshaw Matthew Priestley
Dr Marielle Conway Annie Cowan
Dr Harry Brown Martin Wenner
Shannon Burns Chloe Lumb
Nadine Murgatroyd Natalie Gavin
Zaffar Iqbal Shahid Ahmed
Gaynor Evershed Jessica Kaliisa
Anwar Wazir Antonio Aakeel
Actor Manchester Chamber Choir
Actor Magdalen College Choir
Director Penny Woolcock
Producer Jo Johnson
Writer Richard Davidson
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