First Dates

Series 12 - Episode 10



I’d love to know what barman Merlin Griffiths is thinking when the couples first meet on the other side of his bar. But, apart from maybe a raised eyebrow, he never lets on. Not even during the extremely awkward exchange between Sue and her date Bernard – she recognises him and doesn’t seem thrilled. Nor does he flinch when serial killer obsessive Luka admits she’s never had a date “in case they kill me”.

Waiter Grant, on the other hand, is less discreet, immediately pigeonholing Italian daters Marco and Chiara: “He’s a proper geezer. She’s posh totty.”

If you recognise the names, it’s because this edition was meant to be broadcast on 4 June.


Marco and Chiara - who both have Italian roots - bond over their shared heritage, but it also seems that they come from different worlds. Can he convince her to become a part of his? Musician Daniel, who isn't afraid to showcase his vocal range to the whole restaurant, wants to find someone who will appreciate his passion for music. He meets 20-year-old criminology student Luka, who also has a passion - she's fascinated by serial killers, but she's also wary of meeting strangers for a date.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Jon Crisp
Executive Producer Michele Kurland
Series Editor Richard Mears
Series Producer Neil Rubenstein