Apollo's Moon Shot

Rocket Fever

Series 1 - Episode 1 Rocket Fever



“In the early days of the [space] programme,” we hear astronaut John Glenn say, in this new six-part series, “it was all pretty much up in the air.”

Actually nothing was up In the air for a long time – other than the Russians, who, embarrassingly, had beaten the US into space. Wonderfully evocative footage from the Nasa vaults and audio recordings of the Mercury Seven (the former test pilots who trained as astronauts) are enhanced by interviews with Air and Space Museum experts to tell the extraordinary story of the United States’s bid to get a man on the Moon.

While we’re all aware of Neil Armstrong’s “small step” in 1969, it’s eye-opening to see how many stumbles led to it.


The Space Race began with the launch of Russia's Sputnik - shocking America. Nasa launched its first astronauts after President Kennedy raised the stakes, promising to put Americans on the moon.