Abandoned Engineering

The World's Strangest Ghost Town

Series 4 - Episode 1 The World's Strangest Ghost Town



If you were gripped by the recent Sky Atlantic drama Chernobyl, about the 1986 nuclear disaster, this documentary about ghost towns might be worth your time. The town of Pripyat was built in 1970 to support the workers at Chernobyl. It was a vibrant, thriving place, where the average age of residents was only 27, until reactor four at the nuclear plant exploded, and the town was evacuated, leaving nature in charge.

In the event, Pripyat, which could easily be the subject of an entire programme, gets relatively short shrift here, when we also have to cover the Argentinian lakeside resort whose flood defences were breached, or the Pennsylvania town where a fire has burnt in coalmine tunnels underground for over 50 years.


A settlement in Argentina destroyed by floods, a town in the US that has been erased, and a Soviet dream-town that turned into a nuclear nightmare.