Series 2 - Episode 7



Lady Cassandra is busily putting everything back to the way it was before Constantine’s second, and equally dramatic, demise. It must be as if he was never here, she tells Nico, unaware of his part in what happened in Constantine’s prison-like convalescence room.

Luckily everyone in this glossy drama seems unperturbed by the committing of heinous crimes and untroubled by keeping the most appalling secrets. Killing someone or having a double life barely ruffles their perfectly groomed exteriors. Yet there’s one revelation about Noah that Georgina finds impossible to forgive.

Meanwhile the entire art world descends on what must be the most stylish funeral ever – dress code: white, and big sunglasses obligatory.


Georgina learns the truth about Noah. Meanwhile, Nico drops a bombshell which threatens to send shockwaves through the Elthams.

Cast & Crew

Georgina Clios Julia Stiles
Constantine Clios Anthony LaPaglia
Irina Lena Olin
Adam Clios Iwan Rheon
Christos Clios Dimitri Leonidas
Robert Carver Adrian Lester
Adriana Clios Roxane Duran
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