Series 1 - Episode 2



The US Air Force base in Pianosa, Italy, is bound tightly in bureaucracy. It has such a stranglehold that the hapless Major Major (his joker dad chose the name) is mistaken for a real major, though he’s a sergeant.

But as a lowly sergeant he can’t sit on the feared Group Leaders Operations Manual committee (GLOM), so he’s promoted to Major. So he’s Major Major Major. Or even Major Major Major Major, because his middle name is Major, too.

Such absurdities are common in this sharp and so far satisfying adaptation of Joseph Heller’s satire, where they serve to highlight the sheer overwhelming darkness, brutality and fear that swirls around the men of 256 Squadron. Captain John Yossarian (Christopher Abbott) can’t face flying any more missions (the battle sequences are viscerally terrifying) and throws himself on the mercy of a sympathetic nurse as he demands to be admitted to hospital.


Christopher Abbott takes the lead role in this adaptation of Joseph Heller's groundbreaking 1961 novel. He plays Yossarian, the US Air Force bombardier who is convinced everyone is out to kill him - a problem compounded by the top brass's decision to keep increasing the number of missions he must fly. As a result, he takes desperate measures to get home, while mess officer and entrepreneur Milo Minderbinder reveals how he sees the war as a growth industry. With Daniel David Stewart and Hugh Laurie.

Cast & Crew

Yossarian Christopher Abbott
Colonel Cathcart Kyle Chandler
Milo Daniel David Stewart
Aarfy Rafi Gavron
Orr Graham Patrick Martin
Major Major Lewis Pullman
Nately Austin Stowell
Clevinger Pico Alexander
McWatt Jon Rudnitsky
Kid Sampson Gerran Howell
Major de Coverley Hugh Laurie
Marcello Giancarlo Giannini
Lt Colonel Korn Kevin J O'Connor
Marion Scheisskopf Julie Ann Emery
Nurse Duckett Tessa Ferrer
Clarina Valentina Belle
James Marsh Joe Massingill
Chaplain Tappman Jay Paulson
Schultz Shai Matheson
Lorenzo Domenico Cuomo
Leonardo Giovanni Stocchino
Ines Viola Pizzetti
Sgt Towser Martin Delaney
Michaela Marilena Anniballi
Director Ellen Kuras
Dramatised By Luke Davies
Dramatised By David Michod
Writer Joseph Heller
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