Series 1 - Episode 5 243



Mayhem is a hard thing to maintain in a drama. The chaotic energy that this satire on 80s moneymakers started with has dimmed a little, or maybe we’re just in a classic mid-season slump, but it’s still an enjoyable watch.

After the Yakuza nearly cut off his finger last week for not making his interest payments Mo (Don Cheadle) is on the hunt for new funding, so he and Dawn head to a mysterious Michael Milken hosted (or is it?) party/orgy in California, where the LA sun shines a harsh light on their differences.

And the green tie-pin that we know is cursed because we saw its owner die in episode one – that finds a new owner.


An unhappy Blair gets stuck working on an assignment over the weekend. Meanwhile, Mo takes Dawn to the Predator's Ball.

Cast & Crew

Actor Don Cheadle
Actor Andrew Rannells
Actor Regina Hall
Actor Paul Scheer