The Mighty Redcar

The Mighty Redcar

Series 1 - Episode 3



There are dreams, hopes and one crushing, potentially life-altering disappointment in a painfully poignant episode of this warm, but never sentimental, docusoap set in a small north-eastern seaside town.

The focus remains on Redcar’s teens, young men and women who want jobs but who face chasms of unemployment, as Redcar has clearly not rallied after the catastrophic closure of its steelworks in 2015.

Friends Ted and Bean are scraping along doing odd jobs here and there, while Jess is coming to the end of her apprenticeship as a car mechanic. Her boss must let her go, once she’s qualified, as he can’t afford to pay her higher wages. Jess says: “I just want to be a mechanic, not a pop star or an astronaut.”

And Bean makes a painful decision; “Why can’t I have a happy life in Redcar? People used to, but you can’t now.”


Fifteen-year-old netball prodigy Safy has been awarded a 90 per cent scholarship to a private school in York and could soon be on her way to playing for England. But finding the last 10 per cent is going to be tough for her mum. Mechanic Jess faces a big decision as her apprenticeship comes to an end, and best friends Bean and Tom are unsure whether to leave their beloved home town when an exciting job offer abroad comes their way.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Maddison Cooper
Director Daniel Dewsbury
Director Jonny Ashton
Director Stuart Bernard
Executive Producer John Douglas
Executive Producer Mark Raphael
Producer Lia Nicholls
Producer Caroline Marsden
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