Series 1 - Episode 6 Heartbreaker



This is one of the oddest US dramas around, but moreish. It mixes syrupy scenes revolving around an LA firehouse, all first-responder heroism and corny exchanges, with occasionally horrific moments that are just short of horror-film nasty. This week it’s a Valentine’s episode, so that cranks up the stakes in both directions.

The main storyline takes your average Valentine-date-gone-bad plotline – a woman is upset when her boyfriend doesn’t appreciate the effort she has put in to their romantic meal – and knocks it into Stephen King territory. LAPD patrol sergeant Athena (Angela Bassett) puts on her best calm-and-compassionate voice to try and contain the situation, but that may not be enough.


On Valentine's Day, a surprise marriage proposal goes awry - with dangerous consequences. Abby and Buck go on their first official date. Connie Britton and Oliver Stark star.

Cast & Crew

Athena Grant Angela Bassett
Abby Clark Connie Britton
Evan `Buck' Buckley Oliver Stark
Bobby Nash Peter Krause
Henrietta `Hen' Wilson Aisha Hinds
Howie `Chimney' Han Kenneth Choi
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