Agatha Christie's Poirot

The Affair at the Victory Ball

Series 3 - Episode 10 The Affair at the Victory Ball



The sleuth is invited to attend a masquerade ball dressed as someone famous and modestly goes as himself - and finds time amid the revelry to solve the murder of aristocratic fellow guest Lord Cronshaw. David Suchet stars.

Cast & Crew

Hercule Poirot David Suchet
Capt Arthur Hastings Hugh Fraser
Chief Insp James Japp Philip Jackson
Miss Felicity Lemon Pauline Moran
Coco Courtnay Haydn Gwynne
Chris Davidson Nathaniel Parker
Eustace Beltane David Henry
Mrs Davidson Natalie Slater
Mrs Mallaby Kate Harper
James Ackerly Andrew Burt
Lord Cronshaw Mark Crowdy
BBC announcer Charles Collingwood
Second actor Brian Mitchell
Receptionist Sarah Crowden
Butler Bryan Matheson
Abridged By Andrew Marshall
Director Renny Rye
Writer Agatha Christie
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