Agatha Christie's Poirot

Appointment with Death

Series 11 - Episode 4 Appointment with Death



The blistering heat of the Syrian desert, an eccentric English archaeologist with a domineering wife and a scattering of exotic characters including a nun, a psychiatrist and an unorthodox travel writer: this mystery from 2009 is classic Agatha Christie territory even though it’s only loosely based on her novel.

Lord Boynton (an exuberant Tim Curry) is searching for the final resting place of the head of John the Baptist when his monstrous American wife (Cheryl Campbell) is found murdered. It’s common for a Christie victim to be unlikeable but this one is totally vile: her family, her acquaintances and probably even the local camels hate her.


An aristocrat's wealthy, overbearing wife finances a North African archaeological dig to find the skull of John the Baptist. Poirot is in attendance, but when the woman is found stabbed to death, and only her husband, the exuberant Lord Boynton, appears distraught, the detective struggles to identify the killer among the wealth of suspects. Guest starring Tim Curry, Cheryl Campbell, John Hannah, Emma Cunniffe, Mark Gatiss, Angela Pleasence and Beth Goddard, with David Suchet in the title role.

Cast & Crew

Hercule Poirot David Suchet
Jinny Zoe Boyle
Lady Boynton Cheryl Campbell
Sarah Christina Cole
Carol Emma Cunniffe
Colonel Carbury Paul Freeman
Leonard Mark Gatiss
Sister Agnieszka Beth Goddard
Dr Gerard John Hannah
Dame Celia Westholme Elizabeth McGovern
Cope Christian McKay
Nanny Angela Pleasence
Raymond Tom Riley
Lord Boynton Tim Curry
Mahmoud Zakaria Atifi
Labourer Jawad Elalami
Taxi driver Badri Mansour
Concierge Aizoun Abdelkader
Director Ashley Pearce
Executive Producer Michele Buck
Executive Producer Damien Timmer
Executive Producer Rebecca Eaton
Executive Producer Phil Clymer
Producer Karen Thrussell
Writer Guy Andrews
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