Big Brother: Live Launch

Big Brother: Live Launch

Series 19



Last year, Big Brother rather unwisely went up against Love Island in the schedules. The two shows aired each day at the same time, and suffice to say the latter trounced Big Brother in the ratings. However, there’s a bigger threat to the future of the original reality TV show - its own broadcaster. Channel 5 controller Ben Frow recently said he had “planned for a year without Big Brother” in 2019, as the current contract between C5 and production company Endemol runs out after this series airs. It might not be much of a social experiment these days, but a piece of popular culture would undoubtedly disappear from our screens if this were to be the last ever series.


With the celebrity version out of the way, Emma Willis ushers in another diverse group of fame-seeking individuals who have been chosen to spend eight weeks invading the nation's living rooms.

Cast & Crew

Host Emma Willis