No Offence

Series 3 - Episode 1



“There’s a storm in a far-right teacup brewing here,” mutters inspector Viv Deering as she approaches an angry mob outside a political hustings. Before long, two of her team have lured the key protestors away by pretending to be a TV crew, and locked them in a basement. It’s the kind of ruse that makes sense only in the cartoon world of No Offence, which is to TV crime drama what Keith Moon was to the Who – fast, loud and slightly nuts.

That’s not to say it doesn’t have a soft centre. This tight-knit team of Manchester coppers care for each other and as series three swings into gear they have to absorb a hammer blow. Viv’s response? “Stringing people up by the balls from here till doomsday.” Joanna Scanlan as Viv remains peerless, and she’s helped by the arrival of Neil Maskell as a far-right suspect with powerful friends.


Crowds gather for a mayoral debate between current incumbent Kashif Hassan and political underdog Caroline McCoy - only for the hustings to end in bloodshed when an assassin strikes. As Viv Deering and her team investigate, they are forced to infiltrate the far right, and their murky world of political benefactors, if they are to catch the culprit. Crime drama, starring Joanna Scanlan, Elaine Cassidy and Alexandra Roach.

Cast & Crew

DI Vivienne Deering Joanna Scanlan
DC Dinah Kowalska Elaine Cassidy
DS Joy Freers Alexandra Roach
DC Spike Tanner Will Mellor
Randolph Miller Paul Ritter
PC Jonah Mitchell Ste Johnston
PC Stuart O'Connell Tom Varey
PC Tegan Thompson Saira Choudhry
Gavin Nuttle Conor MacNeill
Caroline McCoy Lisa McGrillis
Mayor Hassan Ace Bhatti
Faye Caddy Sharon Rooney
Bonnie Sands Tamara Lawrance
Joseph Beckett Darren Connolly
Robin Freers Dave Johns
Tina & Suzie Chattick Hollie-Jay Bowes
DCI Marilyn Marchant Claire Rushbrook
Dennis Caddy Neil Maskell
Marius Andy Gathergood
Lionel Dirkin Patrick Baladi
Chief Inspector Pembroke Phil Dunster
Director Catherine Morshead
Executive Producer Martin Carr
Executive Producer Paul Coe
Producer Philip Leach
Writer Paul Tomalin
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