The Supervet

Series 12 - Episode 1



Taking up a lot of space in Noel Fitzpatrick’s waiting room is Lola, a giant newfoundland puppy enduring what’s suspected to be a slipping kneecap. Also limping into surgery is Sandy, a golden labrador with a severely deformed paw, and Moogi, another labrador that has severe arthritis in his elbow.

They’re all challenging cases but a CT scan reveals that one of Noel’s canine patients has serious complications that will require pioneering surgery. Although quite often “biology smiles on us”, as Noel puts it, he can’t be certain of any outcome. “When things go well, I am the hero. When things go wrong, I am absolutely the villain,” he says.


In the first of a new series, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and his team treat a giant Newfoundland puppy with a painful knee and shoulder. What appears straightforward quickly turns into a much bigger concern, and Noel and his team are challenged to invent not one but two new implants for her. Meanwhile, a rescue black Labrador called Moogi is in need of treatment for severe elbow arthritis, and a golden Labrador born with a deformed front paw is offered a bionic solution in the form of a unique, custom-made prosthesis.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Alex Sutherland
Series Producer James Bainbridge