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The House of Getty

Series 1 - Episode 1 The House of Getty



Trust comes with a very accomplished pedigree – it’s written by Simon The Full Monty Beaufoy and directed by Danny 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Boyle. And it’s dominated by Donald Sutherland as stupendously wealthy, cruel, manipulative, tight-fisted oil baron J Paul Getty.

Trust dramatises an infamous saga, the 1973 kidnapping in Italy of Getty’s wastrel grandson J Paul Getty III. But first, before the deed and the ransom demand and everything that followed, we meet the family, as Getty rules the roost at his enormous English country house where he keeps a harem of pliant concubines. Into this crashes JPG III, a drug-addled hippy who desperately needs cash.

But Grandad is a dreadful man, a master puppeteer who uses the promise of his wealth, to keep his family dancing. Sutherland is eerily good and the rest of the cast, including Anna Chancellor as his favourite girlfriend Penelope, is top-drawer.


Crime drama delving into the trials and triumphs of one of the 20th century's most iconic dynasties, the Gettys. In the opening episode, J Paul Getty Sr, one of the richest men in the world, looks to the rest of his family for an heir to his oil business after the shocking suicide of his eldest son. Starring Donald Sutherland and Harris Dickinson.

Cast & Crew

J Paul Getty Sr Donald Sutherland
J Paul Getty III Harris Dickinson
J Paul Getty Jr Michael Esper
Penelope Kitson Anna Chancellor
Belinda Amanda Drew
Margot Sophie Winkleman
Bullimore/Khan Silas Carson
Luciana Veronica Echegui
James Fletcher Chace Brendan Fraser
Gordon Getty Norbert Leo Butz
DC Jacqueline Williams Lynda Boyd
George Getty Filippo Valle
Dennis Joe Stone Fewings
Bela von Block David Bamber
Robina Lund Charlotte Riley
Director Danny Boyle
Writer Simon Beaufoy
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