The Great British Bake Off

Bread Week

Series 2018 - Episode 3 Bread Week



It’s bread week, which prompts one of the contestants to tell us, “Bread’s my thing.” Oh-oh, will this be like The Apprentice, when someone boasts that something or other is their area of expertise, only for them to crash and burn when asked to demonstrate said expertise?

Certainly the showstopper challenge is absolutely brutal, five long, long hours spent making a multi-tiered korovai celebration cake. A handful of the bakers choose to mark a wedding, and one goes that little bit further with an unbearably twee “Just Meowied” design, based on the marriage of two cats.

Paul Hollywood, the Batman of Bread, strolls around the tent like an impatient panther while Prue, immaculately dressed as a starship commander, smiles pleasantly.

There’s much use of the word “dry”, there’s one “stodge” and someone even exclaims delightedly, “This is gay bread!”


The remaining bakers tackle bread week, including an ambitious Showstopper that is the largest bread sculpture challenge ever set in the tent. Before the plucky contestants reach that stage they must first impress judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith with teatime fruity favourite Signature bake, followed by a deceptively simple time-test of a Technical with an international flavour. Only one can claim star baker, while one of the competitors will have to leave the tent for good.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Letty Kavanagh
Executive Producer Richard McKerrow
Executive Producer Kieran Smith
Series Director Jeanette Goulbourn
Series Producer Jenna Mansfield