First Dates Hotel

First Dates Hotel

Series 3 - Episode 3



If you’ve been holding your breath since last week wondering what happened to Lauren and her date Pat who (spoiler alert) already knew each other, you’ll have to hang on a little longer to see whether there’s a spark of romance between the friends. Actually, she’s made it clear she fancies him, but he’s playing his cards a little closer to his chest.

Meanwhile at another table the talk has turned to how to castrate a bullock. A little unorthodox for a first date, but then George is a farmer and Louise is an agricultural surveyor. For septuagenarians Ros and Adrian confidences about the pain of bereavement soon give way to flirtatious sex chat.


After last week's shock revelation that blind daters Lauren and Pat are friends from back home, the soap opera continues as Lauren sets out to win Pat's heart. Eternally placed in the friend zone, she's determined that history won't repeat itself this time. As the cocktails flow, and with flirting high on Lauren's agenda, will these friends finally become lovers?

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Barnaby Coughlin
Executive Producer Michele Kurland
Series Producer Richard Mills