The Repair Shop

Series 3 - Episode 11



Leaving a precious family heirloom with a restorer, no matter how expert, is a risk. But just imagine how nervous you’d be if you hadn’t told the owner of the item what you’re doing. Today a young man brings in his grandfather’s Second World War leather flying jacket, which is falling apart at the seams. But his dad, who cherishes it, is unaware that it’s in the Repair Shop.

The renovators also work on a decorative porcelain clock that’s missing a few bits and an antique typewriter with a royal connection. Its original owner, who typed his memoirs of the Boer War on it, was one of Queen Victoria’s godsons.


Steven Fletcher and Kirsten Ramsay restore a 19th-century clock, George Blackman rebuilds a broken typewriter and Suzie Fletcher repairs a Second World War pilot's bomber jacket.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Jay Blades
Contributor Steven Fletcher
Contributor Kirsten Ramsay
Contributor George Blackman
Contributor Suzie Fletcher
Executive Producer Rob Butterfield
Executive Producer Emma Walsh
Series Producer Alex Raw
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