24 Hours in A&E

Series 15 - Episode 17

Wed 17 Jun 10pm - 11:05pm More4
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Thu 18 Jun, 1:55am - 3am More4


“They say being healthy is good for you, but I’ve never heard of anyone injuring themselves sitting in front of the telly with a cold beer,” jokes one of the radiologists at St George’s Hospital. And it’s true none of these patients ended up in A&E because they were watching TV.

Stephen, 48, has sustained a limb-threatening injury after riding his mountain bike through the woods; Bridget, 70, slipped while on a walking holiday in Greece and thinks she’s fractured her wrist; and 89-year-old Derek was pottering in the garden when he had “a wobbly moment” and collapsed. Their personal stories - which we gradually learn about – are as touching as always.


Cyclist Stephen, who's 48, has severely damaged his ankle after coming off his bike deep in woodland in Surrey, and doctors treat a man rushed in after collapsing with a suspected stroke in his garden. Meanwhile, Bridget, who's 70, broke her wrist when she slipped on a mountain path in Greece.

Cast & Crew

Director Emma Slack
Executive Producer Spencer Kelly
Producer Emma Slack
Series Director Michael Tuft
Series Director Sophie Jones
Series Editor Lucie Duxbury
Series Producer Michael Tuft
Series Producer Sophie Jones
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