Wentworth Prison

Shallow Grave

Series 6 - Episode 9 Shallow Grave



Vera claims she is being stalked by an old enemy and uncovers a dark secret. Rita is caught in a trap and Ruby has doubts about Allie's loyalty.

Cast & Crew

Franky Doyle Nicole da Silva
Rita Connors Leah Purcell
Vera Bennett Kate Atkinson
Sonia Stevens Sigrid Thornton
Liz Birdsworth Celia Ireland
Sue `Boomer' Jenkins Katrina Milosevic
Will Jackson Robbie Magasiva
Allie Novak Kate Jenkinson
Karen `Kaz' Proctor Tammy MacIntosh
Jake Stewart Bernard Curry
Ruby Mitchell Rarriwuy Hick
Marie Winter Susie Porter
Linda Miles Jacquie Brennan
Zara `Drago' Dragovich Natalia Novikova
Director Fiona Banks
Executive Producer Jo Porter
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