Age Before Beauty

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Age Before Beauty

Series 1 - Episode 3



Age before Beauty is infuriating. It’s meandering, silly and incredibly unlikely, with a nonsensical Othello-type subplot and characters who are, to a man and woman, impossible to like.

Yet just when you’ve given up all hope, usually by the last ten minutes, it fires into life with the prospect of something juicy.

Take this episode. The beauty salon-based stuff is boring, thanks to the dominance of the dreadful Leanne, who sucks the very air out of the place by being just so awful. There’s a lot of nonsense involving mobile billboards and a revenge plot spearheaded by Bel’s ghastly mother.

But things look as if they might kick off when home-wrecking Lorelei has a revelation.


Bel enlists the help of Ivy-Rae with regards to confronting her marital problems with Wes. Meanwhile, Leanne is trying to get one up on Bel and has organised a billboard to promote the salon. However, Leanne has overpaid for it and is distraught when Teddy publicly sides with Bel. At the unveiling of the sign, Leanne is spoiling for a fight with Bel because she feels undermined by the family, assuming Bel's in charge at the salon. Debbie Horsfield's drama, starring Polly Walker and Robson Green.

Cast & Crew

Bel Polly Walker
Teddy Robson Green
Wesley James Murray
Leanne Kelly Harrison
Tina Lisa Riley
Lorelei Madeleine Mantock
Heidi Vicky Myers
Ivy-Rae Sue Johnston
Chizzler Struan Rodger
Dante Amir El-Masry
Disney Isabella Gill
Lexie Lucy Polgar
Tyler Louie Threlfall
Mitchell Ross Grant
Joshua Tachia Newall
Director Paul Norton Walker
Executive Producer Debbie Horsfield
Executive Producer Elizabeth Kilgarriff
Executive Producer Sally Haynes
Executive Producer Laura Mackie
Producer Guy de Glanville
Writer Lee Warburton
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