Age Before Beauty

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Age Before Beauty

Series 1 - Episode 4



There’s another one of those random day-dream sequences that sit so uncomfortably in Age before Beauty, this time with the ghastly Leanne fantasising about a song-and-dance appearance at the Keep Young and Beautiful Show.

It’s another contrived episode, where you’ll always be one step ahead of all the low-level scheming now that homewrecker Lorelei knows about Bel, and of course Bel knows all about Lorelei, who’s having an affair with her husband, the hapless, hopeless Wes.

But the men in Age before Beauty are merely twisting reeds, buffeted by their women. Even the machiavellian Teddy (Robson Green), with his grand, highly improbable plan to win Bel’s heart, is just a slave to love.


Lorelei tries to win Wes's heart, and while he wants to end his affair with her, Bel's head is being turned by Teddy. Leanne has organised for MirrorBel salon to have a stand at an anti-ageing fair. When Bel, Tina and Heidi turn up, they're surprised to discover that Leanne is promoting herself as a guru for the genre. It's clear that beyond designing the packaging, she doesn't have a clue what she's doing. Later, Teddy tells Bel he'll invest in the business as long as they keep it secret from Wes and Leanne. Drama, starring Polly Walker and Robson Green.

Cast & Crew

Bel Polly Walker
Teddy Robson Green
Wesley James Murray
Leanne Kelly Harrison
Tina Lisa Riley
Lorelei Madeleine Mantock
Heidi Vicky Myers
Dante Amir El-Masry
Ivy-Rae Sue Johnston
Lexie Lucy Polgar
Shameem Laila Rouass
Disney Isabella Gill
Chizzler Struan Rodger
Tyler Louie Threlfall
Shaquille Eugene Collins
Dayna Lucy-Jo Hudson
Leon Arnold Oceng
Lorna Linda Georgeson
Director Paul Norton Walker
Executive Producer Debbie Horsfield
Executive Producer Laura Mackie
Executive Producer Elizabeth Kilgarriff
Executive Producer Sally Haynes
Producer Guy de Glanville
Writer Debbie Horsfield
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