The Repair Shop

Series 3 - Episode 6



Watching the craftsmen and women painstakingly repair someone’s cherished heirloom is strangely relaxing. They need remarkable patience to restore fiddly or delicate items such as the painted glass window we see in this episode. Having reproduced one of the illustrative panes, restorer Matt then carefully cuts out a sliver to replace the cracked original.

The team often need to do some detective work to discover what the items used to look like. Will realises the sea chest that’s had “a hard life” has been modified over the past 100 years and also requires the attention of a rope and sea-chest specialist. The experts also repair an art deco lady with a broken ankle.


Steve Fletcher and Kirsten Ramsay restore an art deco lamp, Will Kirk tackles a wooden sea chest and Matthew Nickels completely overhauls a precious stained glass window.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Jay Blades
Narrator Robert Pugh
Contributor Steve Fletcher
Contributor Kirsten Ramsay
Contributor Will Kirk
Contributor Matthew Nickels
Executive Producer Sam Wilson
Executive Producer Rob Butterfield
Series Producer Emma Walsh
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