Series 1 - Episode 5 Closer



"She's a rare rose, but she has thorns." The flawless-on-the-surface Adora is telling that nice Kansas City detective why he shouldn't get involved with her daughter, Camille.

Camille herself is feeling spiky: the residents of Wind Gap are not happy now that her article about the deaths of two teenage girls in the town has been published, and she has a bruising encounter with her mother and young stepsister in a clothes shop - there's a reason why she wears top-to-toe grey and black.

Adora has decided that, to lift spirits, she'll host an event commemorating a nasty local Civil War legend. Who's really the rose here? And are we being teased with clues, or just a glut of red herrings?


The mystery deepens as Camille continues to delve into the child murder cases engulfing the sleepy town of Wind Gap.