Our Shirley Valentine Summer

Our Shirley Valentine Summer

Series 1 - Episode 3



Although the alleged goal for the female celebrities lounging around their beautiful Greek villa is to discover new passions and rediscover themselves, the emphasis does seem to be on finding a man. And apparently there’s no shortage of good-looking, available and interested chaps in Naxos. You want to learn Greek? Here’s an Adonis to teach you. Need to get fit? Here’s a hunky personal trainer to ogle. Makes you want to book a flight to this particular Love Island immediately.

However, Siân Lloyd and Lizzie Cundy are reflecting on the past: Siân relives the night when her husband left her, while Lizzie goes in search of an old flame.


The celebrity women continue their journey of self-discovery on the Greek island of Naxos - and the search for love continues as Lizzie Cundy is invited on a second date with neighbour Yannis, while Aggie MacKenzie signs up to a dating app. Sian Lloyd takes time to reflect on the night her husband left and Ninia Benjamin is determined to get fit, finding all the inspiration she needs in the form of a hunky personal trainer. Lizzie also takes a road trip to Crete in search of her childhood sweetheart.

Cast & Crew

Contributor Melinda Messenger
Contributor Sian Lloyd
Contributor Nancy Dell'Olio
Contributor Aggie MacKenzie
Contributor Ninia Benjamin
Contributor Lizzie Cundy
Contributor Annabel Giles
Contributor Ingrid Tarrant
Series Director Emma Peach
Series Producer Naomi Templeton
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