24 Hours in A&E

Series 15 - Episode 12



Lilian, 75, arrives at St George’s with critically low blood pressure, having recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She’s deeply unwell, but her husband and granddaughter help to build a picture of a lively, giving woman, who would regularly cook Sunday dinner for her 11-strong household.

The family of Dennis, 78, who tripped and fell in the street, is similarly tightknit, though unconventional. He’s visited by daughter Rowena, ex-wife Audrey – and Audrey’s new partner. Audrey and Dennis split more than a decade ago, but, as Rowena reveals, still have a unique, vital friendship.

We also meet Carolyn, 32, who will win your heart when she describes her pub-garden injury – then break it with her tale of familial bonds, and loss.


A 78-year-old man has difficulty breathing after breaking several ribs by tripping over a kerb, and doctors discover that a woman is in the latter stages of pancreatic cancer when they treat her for sepsis. Elsewhere, a 32-year-old woman is treated after bruising her neck and face when she slipped on wet decking on a night out with friends.

Cast & Crew

Director Emma Slack
Executive Producer Emma Tutty
Executive Producer Spencer Kelly
Producer Emma Slack
Series Director Sophie Jones
Series Director Michael Tuft
Series Editor Lucie Duxbury
Series Producer Sophie Jones
Series Producer Michael Tuft
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