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Toilet Roll

Series 4



Would anyone but Gregg Wallace look quite so thrilled to be in a toilet roll factory? His hopping glee at seeing industrial production lines is the rocket fuel that fires this show to ridiculous heights.

OK, so this week it’s not a glamorous assignment – the Cushelle loo roll factory in Manchester – but don’t imagine that will stop him gleefully getting to the bottom of how it all works. The most interesting part turns out to be the vast forests in Sweden where they cut the trees (1,500 a day) and the plant that makes the wood pulp from them. (“Hee-hee! This machine looks like it’s dealing out playing cards!”)

While he fist-bumps engineers and shouts over machines, co-presenter Ruth Goodman delves into history, finding out what we used to wipe with before the invention of toilet paper (corn cob, anyone?) and establishes that the civilisation-defining phenomenon of the proper, flushing WC was, sadly, not invented by Thomas Crapper.


Gregg Wallace explores a Manchester factory that produces 700,000 toilet rolls a day, and Cherry Healey is at Britain's oldest toilet factory, where they turn out 1,000 loos daily. Plus, Ruth Goodman is finding out what people used before the invention of toilet paper.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Gregg Wallace
Presenter Cherry Healey
Contributor Ruth Goodman
Editor Tim Hansen
Editor Ruth Horner
Executive Producer Sanjay Singhal
Executive Producer Jon Alwen
Series Director Emma Pound
Series Editor Amanda Lyon
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