Our Girl

Series 4 - Episode 8



Well, Georgie and Maisie’s trip to collect Chowdhrey’s young son didn’t exactly go to plan, did it? Of course, Georgie’s determined to put things right (sometimes she seems to think she’s more Superwoman than army medic). But as the drug traffickers will go to any lengths to ensure Chowdhrey keeps his mouth shut, Captain James sensibly decides it’s really a case for Special Forces. With the assistance of 2-Section, obviously.

It’s the series finale, so there’s plenty of action as they mount a rescue mission: danger, explosions, shoot-outs, casualties, the lot. However, perhaps as light relief amid all the gun battles, there’s also a touch of romance in the Bangladeshi air and a cliffhanger scene that’s pure Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.


Georgie is caught in the crossfire when another attempt is made on Inspector Chowdhrey's life, forcing her to re-examine her feelings for her Captain. With Chowdhrey's son Sumon still missing, Georgie persuades James to call in Special Forces. A daring mission is conceived, but two section find themselves in a deadly shoot out with the drug gang to recover Sumon and halt the Yaba trade. Drama, starring Michelle Keegan, Ben Aldridge and Shalom Brune-Franklin.

Cast & Crew

Georgie Lane Michelle Keegan
Captain James Ben Aldridge
Maisie Shalom Brune-Franklin
Rab Harki Bhambra
Barsha Chowdhrey Farzana Dua Elahe
Ruby Patrick McNamee
Sergeant King Rolan Bell
Monk Sean Sagar
Brains Simon Lennon
Fingers Sean Ward
Captain Das Hamza Jeetooa
Inspector Chowdhrey Navin Chowdhry
Spanner Mark Armstrong
Barber Malek Abbas
Blue Ben Batt
Jamila Khan Nethra Tilakumara
Peanut Dwane Walcott
Fazel Gusion Lal
Gunman 1 Gobbinath Batumalai
Sumon Imran Khan
Supervisor Tilottama Pillai
Director Sarah O'Gorman
Executive Producer Tony Grounds
Executive Producer Hilary Salmon
Producer Lizzie Rusbridger
Series Producer John Griffin
Writer Tony Grounds
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