Judge Romesh

Series 1 - Episode 1



We're used to courtroom shows like Judge Judy and Judge Rinder. Now Dave commits GBH on the genre by putting Romesh Ranganathan in the hot seat for a comedy version. Real people bring real disputes for Romesh to judge, not with considered jurisprudence but with swearing and one-liners.

He's excellent value, of course: right now, everything Ranganathan touches (which is a lot of TV) turns to gold. Here, his scathing, world-weary approach delivers summary justice for a husband whose addiction to bargain-hunting is enraging his wife. Assisting the judge as interventionist court user is another comedian on the rise, Tom Davis.


Romesh Ranganathan holds court over real life disputes, casting his trademark acerbic wit over each and supported by a cast of top comedians. In the first episode, Romesh presides over the case of a husband whose horrendous bargain hunting addiction is becoming detrimental to his family.
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