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Insha'Allah Democracy - Storyville



This glimpse at extremism in democratic but politically volatile Pakistan comes out swinging from the start, with graphic images from the aftermath of a terrorist attack. Canada-born film-maker and Shia Muslim Mo Naqvi has made several acclaimed docs about Pakistan before, but here he lands a coup: access to the modest Dubai apartment of former president and ally of the West Pervez Musharraf, whose tenure Naqvi regards as a period of relative stability and tolerance.

Contemporary in tone, the film succeeds as both as a history lesson and a warning. But it’s the footage and memories from Naqvi’s own youth in Pakistan that imbue it with far more human insight than most political documentaries can manage.


Film-maker Mo Naqvi will vote for the first time during Pakistan's elections in July and his priority is to back a candidate who will prevent the country from becoming a terrorist state. But he faces a tough choice, either vote for religious hardliners or for secular liberal leader Pervez Musharraf - who happens to be a former military dictator. This documentary chronicles his journey to discover if democracy is possible in an unstable Muslim country.

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Director Mo Naqvi