Bangladesh Tour

Series 4 - Episode 6 Bangladesh Tour



2 Section have the camp on lockdown as Inspector Chowdhrey explains that the refugee route might be being exploited by Yaba dealers, a local drug coming over the border from Myanmar. When Georgie meets Maya, a sex worker and yaba addict who is being treated at the clinic, she starts investigations of her own. But her enquiries don't go unnoticed, and when she finds Maya's beaten corpse in an alley, Georgie realises the gang are operating close to home. Drama, starring Michelle Keegan and Ben Aldridge. Postponed from Friday July 13.

Cast & Crew

Georgie Lane Michelle Keegan
Captain James Ben Aldridge
Maisie Shalom Brune-Franklin
Rab Harki Bhambra
Ruby Patrick McNamee
Barsha Chowdhrey Farzana Dua Elahe
Sergeant King Rolan Bell
Brains Simon Lennon
Inspector Chowdhrey Navin Chowdhry
Monk Sean Sagar
Driver Ganeson Manohgaran
Fingers Sean Ward
Maya Bibi Ashya
Sumon Imran Khan
Mr Thakur Shaheffendi Bin Abd Razak
Maya's Friend Frethana Tina
NGO Interpreter Karan Hundal
Madam Choi Lai Yoke
Asha Shakirah Mohd Salim
Director Brian Grant
Executive Producer Tony Grounds
Executive Producer Hilary Salmon
Producer Lizzie Rusbridger
Series Producer John Griffin
Writer Kelly Jones
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