Our Girl

Series 4 - Episode 7



Cholera breaks out in the refugee camp — which seems to require lingering shots of medic Georgie Laine putting a surgical mask over her perfectly made-up face and lovingly disinfecting her equally pristine boots to some heartstring-twanging soundtrack.

But while she and fellow medic Ruby tend to the sick and dying, corrupt cop Chowdhrey is being encouraged to dish the dirt on the drug traffickers. They in turn go to some pretty gruesome lengths to intimidate him resulting, eventually, in what’s actually a quite exciting ambush and car chase. Maisie’s quick-thinking certainly puts the rest of 2-Section to shame. They are painfully slow to provide back up.


As the camp is hit by a cholera epidemic, 2 Section are tasked with protecting Inspector Chowdhrey who is now a key witness in bringing down the leaders of the drug gang. Horrified when a gruesome message is sent demanding his silence, the Inspector fears for his family's safety and refuses to cooperate. When Georgie suspects that Barsha knows more than she previously let on, she hatches a plan to persuade Inspector Chowdhrey to make a full statement. However, it's not long before disaster strikes.

Cast & Crew

Georgie Lane Michelle Keegan
Captain James Ben Aldridge
Maisie Shalom Brune-Franklin
Rab Harki Bhambra
Ruby Patrick McNamee
Barsha Chowdhrey Farzana Dua Elahe
Sumon Imran Khan
Sergeant King Rolan Bell
Fingers Sean Ward
Monk Sean Sagar
Brains Simon Lennon
Asha Shakirah Mohd Salim
NGO Interpreter Karan Hundal
Inspector Chowdhrey Navin Chowdhry
Captain Das Hamza Jeetooa
Teacher Nur Eleena Bulwant Abdullah
Gunman 1 Gobbinath Batumalai
Gunman 2 Charles Roberts
Village Woman Kajai Priya
Director Sarah O'Gorman
Producer Lizzie Rusbridger
Writer Tony Grounds
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