University Challenge

University Challenge

Series 25 - Episode 1



There must be many millions of us who’ve been feeling a bit sluggish on Tuesday mornings, a little slow on the up-take and not at our sharpest. That’s surely because our brains haven’t been given their Monday night, start-of-the-week workout with University Challenge. But that will all change, because it returns tonight with the 25th series since its 1995 revival.

It’s still the best quiz show on television. There are no big prizes and no flummery, just clever people grappling with fiendish questions. For anyone watching, the joy is in having a go. When you get one right, ah, the delight.

Teams from Exeter and Warwick Universities get things started. Jeremy Paxman is, of course, the ringmaster.


New series. Jeremy Paxman presides over proceedings as the academic quiz returns for its 25th series since the revival of the show in 1995, with competitors from 28 universities around the UK answering questions on all manner of subjects. The opening match of the first round sees four students from the University of Warwick take on a quartet from Exeter University, battle it out for a place in the second stage of the contest as they seek to succeed 2018 winners St John's College, Cambridge and lift the trophy.

Cast & Crew

Host Jeremy Paxman
Director Tracey Rooney
Producer Irene Daniels
Producer Peter Gwyn