Dunkirk: The Forgotten Heroes

Dunkirk: The Forgotten Heroes


“Everyone thinks that Dunkirk was the end of it, but they never mention the 51st Highland Division,” says Donald Smith, 97, who as a young soldier was left behind on the French coast surrounded by the German army. The 51st had been ordered to fight on, regardless. Although records show the War Office didn’t plan a rescue, one naval officer did his best to evacuate them.

Smith and several other survivors recall their hellish experience being bombarded by the Germans – from the air as well as on land – while they waited for rescue. Their courage inspired de Gaulle to continue fighting on the side of the Allies.


The untold story of what happened after the Dunkirk evacuation, told by the men who were there and using recently declassified secret documents. Following the evacuation, tens of thousands of British troops were still left in France, fighting for their lives. The 51st Highland Division were ordered to fight on against the Hitler's war machine and now, almost 80 years later, the only remaining survivors of that Division tell their extraordinary story for the first time.

Cast & Crew

Director Ewan Keil
Executive Producer Steve Gowans
Executive Producer Richard Pearson
Producer Craig McAlpine