Eat Well for Less?

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Eat Well for Less?

Series 5



The Atkinson family from Blackpool seem less worried about the effect their bad diet has on their health than its effect on their bank balance. But both aspects are alarming, hence a gobsmacked Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin doing so many “Oh mate!” shock reactions to the family’s shopping and eating habits.

To be fair, the Atkinsons all work long hours so rely on takeaways. But ordering between three and seven takeaways a week EACH? They also buy supermarket food that’s often chucked away. No wonder their weekly food bill is a staggering £400. Not only that but dad John is so addicted to drinking cola that Gregg and Chris tell him he’ll have to be weaned off the fizzy drink very slowly because of the withdrawal symptoms he’ll suffer.


Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin help the Atkinson family from Blackpool lower their food bill. Michelle and John lives with Gary (22), Liam (19) and Kyle (7), and despite working 50 hours a week, feeding the family has fallen to mum Michelle. However, the two oldest lads earn their own money and prefer to buy takeaways - despite having a fridge full of food. Can the presenters, with the help of nutritionist Priya Tew, get the family to cut down on the fast food and help work together more at mealtimes?

Cast & Crew

Presenter Gregg Wallace
Presenter Chris Bavin
Contributor Priya Tew
Director Vicki Lines
Executive Producer Jo Scarratt-Jones