The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan

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Series 1 - Episode 1 Haiti

Sun 23 Feb 11pm - 12am Dave
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Comedian Romesh Ranganathan arrives in Haiti to be introduced to his constant companion throughout the trip, a security man. “Security? For who? Me?”

Ranganathan makes much of his supposed timidity and his fear of a country he knows only through its reputation for severe poverty and violent crime. And let us not forget, a country described by the most powerful man on earth, Donald Trump, as a “s**thole.”

But just as you think Ranganathan is overworking this whole “I’m scared” shtick, going on and on about how he worries about being killed, Misadventures clicks into place and becomes both thoughtful and extremely funny. Be warned, though, he’s not Michael Palin and this is no cuddly travelogue.

Ranganathan, with some brilliantly mordant asides, bumps up against the bizarre straight away as he goes shopping for items he’ll need at a voodoo ceremony.


The comedian visits countries that are rarely visited by tourists to get a sense of the local culture and find out if they deserve their reputation. His first destination is Haiti, a country mostly famous for a dictatorship and a series of natural disasters. Accompanied by journalist Jeremy Dupin, he visits the iron market, attends vodou ceremonies, and explores a cathedral destroyed by an earthquake.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Romesh Ranganathan
Contributor Jeremy Dupin
Director Chris Cottam
Executive Producer Emily Hudd
Executive Producer Morgan Roberts